Nipsey hussle to recieve star on Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Nipsey Hussle will be honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Monday, August 15th. The day of the celebration is special, as it lands on the same day as the late rappers 37th birthday. During the ceremony his star will be added along with Michael B. Jordan and The Black Eyed Peas. The celebration occurs almost three years after his tragic death. Now there will be a new resting place where his legacy and influence can forever be remembered.

Back in 2019, he was tragically shot outside of his Marathon Clothing store in L.A. After the brutal event, it wasnโ€™t until this summer that his murderer Eric Holder was found guilty and is facing life in prison. The late rapper accomplished so much within his lifetime. Especially in the last few years that he was alive, he was positioned to expand the ceiling of his music and business career even further.

Whether someone was a close follower of his music or not, his reach as an artist, activist, and businessman extended far beyond a certain musical project or brand he was creating. While he was widely noticed and recognized for his music, he also founded his own clothing brand and created his own cannabis company. Outside of his business endeavors, he cared deeply about his community and continuously gave back.

Nipsey Hussle was from Los Angeles, so itโ€™s only fitting that he receives a permanent home there for his life and legacy to forever be remembered. He gave his community and the world so much through his work as a musician, entrepreneur, and activist. Now he will have his forever place on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

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