The forever story art piece is a photographic journey depicting the energy and chaos that surrounds Atlanta Native JID. Inspired by the works of Fred Lozano our intention was to re-build a world that is unmistakably ATLANTA and bring it to life. Within this square frame, we hope the viewer can get a glimpse of the realities that many of us simply cannot escape and the viewer can no longer ignore.


Dance Now

These detailed photographs explore life, family, friendship, commerce, poverty, the policing of Black bodies, the prison industry complex and death. Our intention is to bring the viewer closer into our world while giving them the permission to stare, analyze and read into each scene presented. My work which mainly focuses around portraiture on dark or black backgrounds pulls my subjects out of the shadows and into the light aims to capture the emotion of a single moment in time and give the viewer something that they can feel. What is often fantasy to others is reality for us and these stories are forever.

Produced by frequent collaborator Christo, “Dance Now” finds the Dreamville MC showcasing his speedy yet controlled delivery alongside guest appearances from fellow ATLien and rising singer Fousheé.

The Forever Story
The Forever Story
The Never Story

JID also shared the cover art for The Forever Story, which captures the different realities Black people face in America.Some on the cover are in prison jumpsuits, others are staring down the barrel of a police officer’s gun with their hands up, while a lucky few have escaped the streets through sports.

Its like taking this people from “The Never Story” cover to life. JID is in album mode. While JID hasn’t announced a release date himself, The Forever Story is set to drop on August 26, according to Apple Music.