L!nwood newest release, “Controller”


L!nwood is a rapper, singer-songwriter, from the DMV. Playful, passionate, but introspective, L!nwood combines Alternative Rap and Alternative R&B to create a sound that reflects all the different sides of who he is. He is not afraid to be personable and honest but still finds a way to have fun in all of his songs.

Music has comforted and protected him his entire life. So with his own music, he wants to make people feel what he feels when he listens to his favorite music; seen and never alone.

 L!nwood’s newest release, “Controller,” intimately shows his desire for control in all aspects of his life. He wrote this song when he felt like nothing in his life was going according to plan. L!nwood is also an avid gamer who uses video games to escape. This is where the title and hook stemmed from. “Controller” is an energetic and catchy alternative/melodic rap song that will have anyone bouncing but thinking at the same time.


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