What can Crushtomize do for an Artist

Crushtomize Agency

Crushtomize has been in music industry for multiple years . A graphic designing and a PR agency who have helped over 1000’s of artist last  year to reach the right audience and grow their fanbase .

Crushtomize is a music marketing company who specialises in music promotion in digital era. We covers everything you need to succeed in the modern music industry. With database of thousands of spotify playlist, Crushtomize can make the Spotify algorithm work in your favour , gaining placements on “Discover Weekly Playlist” as well as playlists up to 100,000 followers, So you as an artist are aware that placing your music in this playlist will actually gain more plays and traction.

Record labels now believe Spotify is one of the most vital platforms to determine the success of an artist and with crushtomize’s monthly fee you can watch your Spotify streams grow as you get discovered by a wide audience and attract the Spotify algorithm.

As well as Spotify playlisting services, Crushtomize works alongside hundreds of YouTubers who are willing to feature music on their channels for a fee. YouTube is one of the fastest growing platforms in the world and is heavily tipped to revolutionise the way we consume media. Thousands of people every day are uploading their self-made content with viewerships of potentially millions for each video. With guaranteed hundreds of thousands views Crushtomize has the perfect opportunity to give artist’s music the exposure it deserves. Crushtomize want to break away from the traditional PR methods, whilst still offering artists the exposure they deserve and need.