Teddy James III

teddy james 3

Teddy James III, formally known as James Teddy chemaly-parker III, is a young
musician in training, born and bred in Beirut Lebanon, he has a noticeable
multinational influence within his style of music.

His talent stemmed at the tender
age of 6 years old when he attended a music academy in london gaining a
level 3 in piano. teddy has since settled in johannesburg south africa, where he
currently attends high school and his music has developed into greater maturity
due to his gained studio experience of 5 years, as well as him being featured and interviewed on many radio stations at the age of tweleve. his energy embodies that of an artist and needless to say with over 10 songs recorded each put emphasis to the claim. his effort aims to bring his creative talent forward in order to grow in his craft and audience.

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