NSD BlueHunnidss scams artists for Hundreds of dollars

NSD BlueHunnidss

NSD Bluehunnidss is known for songs like “Anti-Social”, “Gang Shit” and “Did it Again “. But he makes most of his money through scamming upcoming artists for feature. NSD Bluehunnidss charges artists 100’s of dollars for a verse and block them once he receive the payment.

American rapper & so called “music marketing expert” is an Independent artist based out of So-Cal, not to far from the “City of Angels “ in a city called Fresno (559).

Scammer takes 100$ upfront payment for verse on upcoming track “Forever” with Jordan Royale without even listening to the beat or other artist verse and once he recieves the payment blocks all the social media platform and even the mail.

Yes NSD Bluehunnidss is the same guy who acts like his is a gangster in Subway.

NSD Bluehunnidss
NSD Bluehunnidss uses crushtomize watermark image as his profile picture

Got all the screenshot of conversation and transactions. Uncovering the scam on all our social media. Do share this post with everyone and stay away from scammers.

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