Maxx talks about anxiety from her new single called “Hostage”


Maxx Nies stage name “Maxx” artist based in Usa, New york a singer, songwriter and a performer. She has performed in several events from Mint L.A to Hollywood The Hotel cafe. Brings up the new heat from her single called “Hostage”

The single “Hostage” is all about struggle, comes up with anxiety and it’s very hard to deal with. The lyrics and sounds are totally raw and come from vulnerable places. It explains the deepest darkest struggles with honesty and authenticity.

The song further describes why it is necessary to deal with our own anxiety as we cant say it directly to someone. But Maxx did it with her beautiful voice and good production through music. The perfect explanation to deal with negativities through her songwriting and singing. “Hostage” has already crossed 100,000 views on Youtube.

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