DYYNVMIC back with an infectious sounds on “Martini”


DYYNVMIC is an up and coming hip-hop artist from La Puente, California. From a young age DYYNVMIC had a knack for writing stories. In elementary school he wrote stories for his classmates and was always the first to read out loud to the class. In high school he began to convert his talent into song writing. After graduating from high school, he began recording original songs. During this time, he met his close friend YMLegend who, at the time, had the popular MySpace song “I Know You Like.” The pair began recording non-stop and in 2012 they formed the group “Mystic Nerds.”

Together they wrote many songs like “Living Life, Molly Cyrus, Nada & Snapchat.” From 2012 to 2016 they performed throughout the Inland Empire and took part in the No Label Tour, which included cities such as Las Vegas, Phoenix, El Paso & more. Once the tour wrapped up the group ended up going through some drastic changes which caused DYYNVMIC to step away for nearly 2 years. During that period, he was forced into a time of self-reflection and soul searching. This period led to his re-emergence under the name that we now know as DYYNVMIC.

DYYNVMIC chose his name based on both definitions of the word: in a constant state of progress or a person full of energy and new ideas. Revamped with his new identity and brand he wasted no time and exploded back on to the scene with his fan favorite “23”. He also dropped a welcome back Mixtape entitled “Mixed Feelings” and has followed it up since with single after single, which ultimately led to his first debut project “Road Work.” 

Since then he has been on a tear releasing non-stop music and also becoming the proud founder of his own company, Don’t Yield Yourself Music. Rest assured as more projects are on the horizon, DYYNVMIC is just getting warmed up and we can all expect many big things to come.

-Over 100,00 streams earned completely independent.
-Becoming owner of my own company (D.Y.Y Music).
-Over 100,00 hours of views accumulated on YouTube.
-Performed across multiple states and venues.
-Had hit song “Tijuana Nights” played on local FM radio station

“Martini” is a fun intimate record that DYYNVMIC recorded with a friend of his named Mark Journey. They met on tour in Texas and had been meaning to link up on a song for quite some time. As he began himself proclaimed “lover boy” run. He knew there was only one man for the job as he began writing “Martini.” This song is sure to set the mood and get the night going as our infectious sounds blast over the speakers on this beautifully produced beat by the uniquely talented Enigma Beats.

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