2000+ Spotify Playlist Contacts

Crushtomize has already 2000+ Spotify Playlist Contacts. It all genres list sorted for artists with spotify links , curator names and contact information.

Do you want your music to go viral on Spotify? If yes, the Crushtomize  Spotify Curator List might be exactly what you need!

Sending your music to Spotify curators can help get your music get a massive amount of exposure very quickly.

This is the most affordable and low-cost alternative to paying a firm thousands of dollars to pitch your music to playlist curators.

Playlists is where new artists and new music is discovered on Spotify. When your music is placed in playlists along with other artists similar to you, your music will be streamed and people who like your music enough may choose to follow you.

This will help you land on Spotify’s very own algorithmic playlists which may also sometimes lead to  being placed even on Spotify’s Editorial playlists.

For emerging artists, getting added to editorial playlists is likely the ultimate goal, but non-editorial playlist adds can be a very important — and usually more achievable — step toward that goal. It’s also important to note, however, that many independently curated non-editorial playlists can be just as important for an artist’s career as a contextual editorial playlist like Beast Mode or Songs to Sing in the Shower is.