Dom chronicles Shinin’ with his latest release

Dom chronicles

Dom Chronicles from Kansas City is back with his newest single from his upcoming album, Still Learning, and his light is glowing as bright as ever. “Shinin’” , featuring long-time co-creator, Gen The Assassin, boasts a glorious retro groove while the pumping bass and contagious hook make this track a true classic. Produced by Kansas City newcomer House Party, this song gives an immediate feel-good sensation, and Chronicles masterfully crafts an incredibly catchy hook that makes this song an anthem.

Chronicles is known for his spiritually positive and uplifting messages about self determination and success and with Shinin’, provides nothing less. Gen The Assassin’s smooth, bassy voice provides a perfect contrast to the first verse, with both artists showing lyrical mastery. With the addicting visuals showing Dom’s hometown in conjunction with the cities car culture

If you’re not familiar with Chronicles\’ or his work, now is the perfect time to start. After all, “it takes a boss to know one”, Shinin’ is available now on all streaming platforms.

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