Damion Jones music story teller from Jacksonville, Florida

Damion Jones

Born May 23rd, 1983 in Duval County, Jacksonville, Florida. Southside/Arlington area of the city. He is bringing the essence of the south back. Damion Jones is the epitome of Hip-Hop. He’s been writing rhymes since the age of 9 years old. He watched his older brother create music with his friends, and that’s is where the passion came from. This new album “Death Before Dishonor: 2” showcases his skills on the mic. From story telling, to going bar for bar with the best of them. Damion is the voice for the voiceless.

This new track is fire. Damion Jones is featuring his brother on this track showcasing their abilities of song writing and rhymes through their music.

Go checkout this latest track called ” Taking My Shit” on spotify.

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