Traktrain Relaunch 2nd Anniversary

Traktrain is a platform that connects music producers and hip-hop artists. It allows leasing, selling and buying instrumentals. Buyers have free unlimited access to the huge catalog of beats hosted on Traktrain by over 30K producers and can purchase any instrumental in one click. There are two payment methods: PayPal and credit card (via Stripe).


Sellers have to?request an?invitation in?order to?be?featured on?the website. However, once it?is?granted by?an?internal team there are no?obstacles for starting to?make money immediately! For in?addition to?paid account types, there is?a?free tier membership with certain limitations, most notably a?15?track limit.

It?s been two years since the Traktrain team has launched a?new and improved version of?the website. Here are the key features implemented in?the process:

  • Mobile version;
  • Dark mode and improved player;
  • Player widget;
  • Landing page and stats;
  • Customer registration;
  • Mixing service.

Traktrain on Mobile

Mobile devices generate around 50% of all web traffic worldwide, so it is important to provide maximum usability to the users who access the website via a phone or a tablet. The development team did a redesign of the core features to be usable on smaller screens. There are future updates coming to the mobile version as well.

Desktop Version Upgrade

Like with the mobile website, Traktrain strives to provide the best user experience on a desktop. The home page has improved its look and feel to be the most convenient for the users. Additionally, a dark mode for the whole platform was introduced. And last but not least, the updated built-in player with volume control allows for a smoother experience of listening to beats while browsing the catalog.

Player Widget

Producers can now embed their Traktrain players into external websites. With the fully-featured graphical tool, it is very easy to customize the widget even to the most demanding users? liking. The platform will generate a code snippet that requires only copy and paste to embed the player widget.

Producer?s Profile

Within recent time, Traktrain introduced an updated profile page for the producers. They can customize the background, add social media and streaming services links, and embed YouTube videos and SoundCloud and Spotify players. In addition, there is now a statistics page that helps keep track of plays, sales, followers, and wishlists.

Customer Page

There is?a?free simple registration process introduced for the users that are interested only in?buying or?leasing beats. A?customer account allows them to?subscribe for producers? feed, send private messages, add instrumentals to?the wish list and track their purchases.

Mixing Service

This has been a highly requested feature, so the team listened to the audience and now provides professional online mixing services. There are two packages available: Creative Control and Clean Mix. With Creative Control, in addition to volume adjustments and panning, a producer can replace instruments and add effects to help the instrumental sell based on the recent purchasing trends. With Clean Mix, alterations to the track are minimal and include only mixing and replacing drums if needed.


Being a small team from various creative backgrounds puts them in a position to understand their community – not only their needs from a business perspective 

We go out of our way to bring a large selection of high quality beats from a range of producers into one shopping friendly catalog, and we provide a level of buying safety and trust that is not found anywhere else.

TRAKTRAIN respond to questions quickly and solving user problems fast but the challenges artists face when trying to carve a name and space for themselves – like having their beats used without being compensated or credited.

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