Shaunynic SMG

Talented music promoter Shaunynic SMG, being the Vice President of SMG an entertainment outfit to help music artists build their career .

Shaunynic SMG

Shaunynic SMG for years always had the passion in the music industry. Vice President of SMG in line with the goal of helping music artists to live their dream .

Helping artist rise to the top of their careers . The passionate music promoter has started his cause last year by professionally managing .

The upcoming artists Kam Nasty and King Bone. Along with that he also got an opportunity to work with Sony Music.

King Bone SMG

A music artist that has seemingly announced his presence to the industry in his latest released titled Plans and “Down Low” .

Kam Nasty

Kam Nasty is a rapper who is making waves in the industry . Shaunynic SMG also worked with him on his latest album “Versatile” .

Working with many of the major labels and artists in the industry is always scouting for future talent .

to help artists have a complete understanding of the industry and helping artists become successful independently. The goal is to make an impact in the music industry . plans to continue to build his into the top artist in the industry and to be the top marketing company in the world .

Specializes in artist management, artist development, and marketing. He noted that he is really excited for this year, especially with the Upcoming music releases that are coming out .

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