Miss Money – On the Nephs

American rapper Miss Money aka miss “on the nephs” born in Pittsburgh. Makes hiphop music sound good. ” On the Nephs” was Miss Money street breaker.

miss money official

Miss Money’s breakout hit song ‘On the Nephs’ has gained real momentum and led her to international success, adding the Hill District lexicon to the wider culture.

releasing  another video on youtube releases “Don’t Like Me”

Miss Money evokes some smooth rhymes and vivid set pieces, over a synth-centric beat while she delivers a proper melodic flow.

After some time spent increasing her buzz, she released her latest single “Mrs. Parker”, an ambitious, slickly production that doesn’t sound like the record you’d expect from a typical rapper, but it’s bent toward singing experimentation.

Miss Money currently releases “Goat Bizzness”. Be on the lookout for more .

You can visit Official Website here : https://www.missmoneyofficial.com/

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