MG Honest

19 Year old, Canadian Hip Hop/Rap artist and producer, MG Honest  was born in May 30, 2000 in Brantford, Ontario, but based out of Toronto.

He was given music as an outlet at a young age. Listening to everything from Heavy Metal to Classical, Pop to Jazz. MG found himself surrounded in the music industry.  play several instruments including the Guitar, Drums, Violin, and have my teachers degree in Piano.

Music was always my outlet since he was around 3, and became more serious about 15.  He says “I remember dropping my first Tape like it was the best thing in the world and looking back on it, it was trash. I was just excited that I had made something for myself to listen to. That project didn’t even scrape numbers above 2000 streams. “


3 years later and my newest project “Mixtape 1.5“ did over half a million in the first month.

Mixtape 1.5

Official Music Video from the Mixtape 1.5 Album by MG Honest. by Camozzi Films Production

Produced by: prodbyiof

Engineered by: 808asylum

Take My (Official Music Video)

Lord of Rap II (Official Music Video)

Upcoming Projects

My next project I’m working on is called “The Celestial Series” which is a mini series that will be based around Outer-Space. I don’t want to give away too much until we get closer to finalizing the small EP. 


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