Melvy Pockets

Melvy Pockets is a 22 year old victorious rapper from Brampton, Ontario. Growing up, the Artist that inspired Melvy Pockets to Rap was Joey Bada$$. When Melvy was 16 years old, you would definitely be able to notice the Joey Bada$$ and Pro Era influence on his fashion style and music.

Melvy Pockets

Back in the day, he would get compared to Joey Bada$$ because around the same time Joey reached success on a global scale Melvy was just starting his own career in Brampton. Melvy Pockets is able to hone in on his flow while delivering ridiculous bars over a wide catalogue of beats. Now, after doing over 30+ shows in Toronto, opening up for Famous Dex in Toronto, performing in Miami & New Jersey, he is able to capture the attention of the entire city of Toronto (The 6ix) and bring out thousands of listeners to his events. 

Deadest Influence

Deadest Influence is the street team that is lead by Melvy Pockets. It consists of 6 recording Artists that are deadly because they are the team that the kids look up to. The kids in Ontario are being influenced by what’s going on in the streets and guess who’s running the entire show? Deadest Influence. Not only are they so young but they’re ridiculously talented when it comes to producing hot music, selling a brand and throwing a good concert. LegendofShiloh & Melvy Pockets linked up from both ends of the Toronto area and the deal was sealed, they put together the most influential mafia that the world has yet to see. You can compare them to something like Pro Era & A$AP Mob.

Now, in a social profile, public figure sense, Melvy Pockets is recognized as Scarface & the Toronto A$AP Rocky. You can see him as the Canadian Refugee as opposed to the Cuban Refugee that went to Miami to secure the bag and came back to Toronto as the Hip Hop kingpin. The next mission is to work with Chief Keef. 


Melvin Koranteng-Addo is a signed model of Max Agency and is looking to develop his career even more with his two brands – Melvy Pockets and Deadest Influence Mafia. There are many Artists that Melvin is interested in working with, first is Chief Keef: he believes that Toronto and Chicago are similar in the sense of gang violence. A$AP Rocky because both himself and Rocky run a street mafia and encourages respect towards women. Tyler The Creator because Melvy hangs out with skaters; he wants to open a skatepark and carnival just like Tyler did. He feels as if Tyler would be a great mentor for him. He also wants to represent all streetwear brands, high fashion brands & skatebrands, also be interviewed on HOT 97, SwaysUniverse, VladTV, Power 105.1 Breakfast Club, any interviewers, Noisey Vice, Vince Staples, Kid Cudi, 50 Cent & Effen Vodka & more.

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Upcoming Project:

Melvy Pockets & Deadest Influence should be releasing an album featuring members of the collective. It’s short & sweet and gets to the point. 8 Track EP with solely in house producers like Oxykodone. It will be on all streaming platforms as well.

Deadest Influence – Skeleton

Deadest Influence - Skeleton

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