Humble Bully

Humble Bully also known as Trevor Fisher is an artist from Williamsport PA who makes melodic and irresistible Hip-Hop, Pop, and R&B music.

Humble Bully was first discovered in 2018 after collaborating with several featured and upcoming artists. He usually remains “alone” or “behind the scenes” but his relations with others made him blow up due to his lengthy connections.

Humble Bully

Over the past few years he has performed at multiple venues in the surrounding areas of Pennsylvania such as New York, New Jersey, Florida, Texas, California and as well as local venues such as Williamsport, State College and Philadelphia.

He keeps the audiences entertained with his energetic and positive performance on the stage. Humble Bully has recently restarted by deleting all of his music and social media. In efforts of “self discipline” starting over will perfect his craft. Humble Bully remains an independent artist.

He has just released an irresistable Hip-Hop track “Logging Out (Erase Me)” with a catchy hook and pumping baseline. The Pennsylvania rapper claims he “plans on releasing videos in the near future”

and that he “wants to focus on releasing consistent content”.



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