How to Promote your Music with Facebook in 2020

If you’ve decided to start promoting your music on Facebook, you are joining thousands of other artists. To stand out, you need to strike the right balance of engaging with your fans and saving time to actually make music. To promote your music on Facebook so it has the most impact, follow these Facebook music promotion best practices.

How to Promote your Music with Facebook in 2020

1. Use a Facebook page.

The more people who like your Facebook page, the more people you reach with every post. These are different from personal profiles or groups. Click HERE to find out more information on how to convert a Facebook profile to a Facebook page.

2. Use a Facebook Group.

Keep sharing your content on Facebook Groups into your niche. Join our Facebook group HERE :

3. Collect email addresses

Use an app or widget (iFrames allows for HTML) to collect email addresses straight from your Facebook page. This will help you to connect with your fans easier share them latest new releases or merch drop .

4. Posting Videos on Facebook

There are also more opportunities on a daily basis to post Facebook photos than there are to take videos. Photos don?t reach on Facebook as many people as they used to but are still good for driving engagement.

Keep photos relevant but don?t be afraid to branch out. If you’re on a video shoot with the band and you spot a flower-filled field, it may not have anything to do with music but in the context of your recording day, it’s relevant. Remember, your fans want to see your human side as well as photos of your instruments, performances, and bandmates. 

5. Engage your audience

Social media is about dialogue, not monologue. Make sure you?re asking questions, listening to your fans? opinions, and sharing some inside info. Don?t just post show updates and glowing reviews. Use the new ?questions? feature on Facebook to conduct some fun polling. Start conversations.

5. Advertising on Facebook

Facebook lets you place most ads in the news feed of desktop users and mobile users, or in the right sidebar. If you need some help doing this, YouTube has a lot of instructional clips for those who like video tutorials.

In terms of cost, if you’re measuring cost per click (CPC) Facebook advertising costs on average about $0.27 per click.

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