How to Monetize your music in 2020

The basics to create and Monetize your music come down to what different ways are you currently using to bring in revenue for your music. 

How to Monetize your music in 2020

Being a musician in 2020 has its advantages! These days, there are more ways than ever to get your music out there, be heard by millions, and best of all, make a bit of cash doing it!

Discipline becomes very important for a music website builder that wants to make everything work, and revenue is a vital factor in your success because with the income you can put it back in to the music website and record an album or shoot a video.

But there are also so many different platforms offering different things, it can be hard to keep track of what’s important for you, personally.

Depending on how you’re looking to monetize your music (self-released albums, digital vs. physical copies, or foregoing the album entirely to sell songs for licensing), you might have certain needs. 

I’ve gathered a bunch of services that I can personally vouch for here to help you get started :

Monetize your Youtube Videos

It is not a lot a money , but monetizing is a great way to generate money on a content that you have already created . Monetizing your youtube videos is easy and anyone can do it . Follow this steps here by Google .

CD Baby (Distribution service)

If you want to get your music on streaming services like Spotify and iTunes you’ll need to use a service like CD Baby to distribute your music.

Distribution sites do not take ownership of your music, you retain all of the songwriting and publishing rights.

CD Baby charges $9.95 for a single, and about $50 for an album. It’s very tough to earn money by streaming your music unless you have a sizable fanbase.

What it does offer you is a sense of legitimacy and gives people a way to easily find your music and see if they like you.

How long should it take to finish a song ?

Spotify for Artists (Distribution tool for Spotify)

Given we’ve mentioned a number of distribution services, it’s worth noting that Spotify now allows artists to upload their own music directly to the platform.

 The recently launched Spotify for Artists is a service that allows artists to claim their profiles directly and upload music directly.

This is a game-changer in a number of ways, but it’s still helpful to go through a digital aggregator like the ones mentioned above, because of how many other platforms they’ll send your music to.

Monetize your SoundCloud

The latest entrant to the monetizable music streaming market, SoundCloud now allows you to make money from your songs with Soundcloud Premier Monetization.

And unlike many of its competitors, you can upload and monetize directly without a distributor or middleman. This leads to what SoundCloud says will be faster payouts, higher revenue share rates, and instant upload availability.

And so what was once solely a listener discovery and promotional platform for independent artists is now a viable revenue source as well. And while a new offering in the world of monetizable streaming (meaning no historical data on pay-rates), SoundCould claims that they “meet or beat any other streaming service” on revenue share.

Apple Music

While not quite as widely popular as Spotify in terms of streams (around 11% of market share by streams), Apple Music is another essential platform both for reaching listeners and monetizing your music.

To boot, while Apple Music may not have quite the same market share clout as Spotify, its average rate-per-stream in 2019 was $0.00783—nearly 1x Spotify’s rate! Along with most other major streaming services, Apple Music requires a third-party distributor as a middleman.

Create an Online Merch Store

I will admit that i often don’t buy merchandise at shows because for the queue is huge . I rather go online and buy it from their website.

It takes a little effort to create a online store , an income stream that doesn’t require a lot of attention. If you need help building an online store our team will definitely help you .

Find Sponsors for local shows and Tour

Of course, there are many other streaming services in the world beyond the top market share contenders. Players like Tidal, Google Play, and Amazon Music (and many more) still have listener bases, but with a smaller portion of the pie. Together these services make up “the long tail,” in a sense, where their individual profitability may be small, but together they can become a noticeable portion of your revenue.

Looking up for sponsor can help you get a bunch of expenses paid . Their are many artists who do endorsement deals with brands and help them with promotion . As well as local shows will generate some new connections with the local artists.

Monetize your music FAQ

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