How Long Should It Take You To Finish A Song?

You might find that every time you fix one thing in a song, something else sounds a bit off before it’s finish and editing cycle keeps going on and on. The only thing that matters is the end product of a song. So How Long Should It Take You To Finish A Song? The length of time you work on it doesn?t matter To Finish A Song.

In that sense, the question/title of this blog post is a bit of a trick question. There is no good answer to how long it should take to write a good song, other than ?it takes as long as it takes to get it right.?

How Long Should It Take You To Finish A Song?

Think about, how long are you supposed to work on building a car, building a computer or even a lego set? You work on it, until it is perfect and then you?re done.

If it takes you a year to get a song to sound right, that is never time wasted.

Any amount of time spent editing and twerking songs is a time well spent but it?s an instinct we have to include time spent as part of the formula for how successful we are, and if that describes you, you need to change your way of thinking.

There are no rules or set amount of hours,days,weeks or years – Just Create

While some songs come together quickly , other presents themselves to you over time . That’s why it is important to save ideas and keep working on them .

If you like to write quickly and instinctively but don’t have time to write a whole song , try to write as much as possible . Keep recording ideas on the move . On other hand , it’s better to record initial ideas on your mobile and the then completely forget about it until you have time to work on it .

Putting songs away for a time is a great way to regain some much-needed objectivity.

As a song nears completion, moving on to working on a new song can be an important step in the process for completing that first song. Putting it away is the metaphorical ?cleansing of the palette? that can help you see things more clearly when you return to it.

Sometimes, as a song is almost ready, you might find that you have to work backwards a bit, tossing bits that you thought were finished, in order to get the entire song working properly.

Songs can be whatever you need them to be.

You can call it a song finished as long as you believe it is serving it’s function as a song .

For many artists , putting interlude songs in their album is a way to make use of ideas that never turned into a full song. But just because they are not long enough doesn’t mean they aren’t finished .

Sometimes a short song can fit onto an album perfectly. Don’t throw it away just because it doesn’t work at the moment .

There is no one correct songwriting process. 

Songwriters all work in their own way. Some start with lyrics, develop rhythms, then melodic shapes and chords. Some start with chord progressions, then develop melodies. And some start by developing?a rhythmic idea. There is no one way, and I would encourage you to experiment with many different processes in the bid to create something truly unique and exciting.


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