F.F.M No Que : “Open Wounds”

F.F.M No Que real name Praise Taylor, born in Mobile Alabama where he then moved to Cleveland Tennessee to start his life journey of differences in his surroundings. After a life of living young and reckless at age 23 he has started begun to live out the dream hes always had of making music.

F.F.M No Que

With 6 singles put out and his #1 streamed song “Nobody Changed Me” which he made his first music video to, also he directed it himself. 2020 was the beginning of something the world was yet ready for.

Now hes on hes moved up to the next level by releasing his first EP “Open Wounds” on Jan 2nd 2021.

It has already been said to be “very emotional”, “heart felt” and even “dark”. With multiple request for more music videos he plans to make 2 videos to his EP, and has already recorded multiple tracks unreleased for our upcoming year of 2021.

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