Dj Iljano

Music has always made special attention to people?s mind and the popular music producer Dj Iljano is great. He also goes by the name Ylli Shahaj and he is one of the honorable members of Albania. Born in Vlore, Albania iljano start his career in early 2006?when he and his friends created his record Label.

Dj Iljano

He made his first debut with some of his friends creating the label named ?Baba Records? in 2006. His music has quality and control which will be liked by all music lovers from all across the world. One of his music album named ?Lohan? is about to come. The album has 10 different songs.

At age of 14 he discovered his passion for music when he bought his first headphones and start doing Dj’s at his friends

He has released two albums: Lohan and 4 August . He has won the Dj price at Best Dj Performance 2010. His popular songs are Away In Berlin , Marcas De Ayer , One More Time etc.


Iljano was inspired by Romanian singer “Tony Ray” and featured him in the song called “More and More” which has crossed a million views. He is currently engaged in “Iljano Production”.

Since then he has done his international collaborations with different singer and dj’s like Nathan Brumley , Overtronics , Martin Lu , Mc Robinho , Tony Ray , Diana Birzu etc.


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