Birdnest is an Independent Norwegian artist who started in 2014 with making and preforming his own music in a group called Gamekingz in 2018

He started his own label called Birdie records for the next generation to come to sign in so he can help them with the road to Music. with his group they been doing a lot of conserts all over Norway for many of the big artist in Norway. now he coming with a new Banger in a afrotrap gender he wanna show the world that he got what it takes to be international artist and this is just 1 of many songs he love to make 


New Project

“10” song is out now it is about never give up on road to Success! do you remember world cup when a 19 year old french boi played his team to victory at the world cup in Russia 2018? Mbappe is one of the best youth player in the world and to become a player like that you have to focus on you movement and forget about what people are saying or wishing for you and thats what this newest song is about.

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