Audi On The Beat

Audi On The Beat, aka Maya Audi, is a 17 year old female producer from Detroit, Michigan, USA . specialize in trap, r&b and hip hop beats.

She has been producing beats for over a year now and has already had the pleasure of working with artists such as Rosalyn Candy and Fame Faiella

Audi On The Beat

With over a year of music production, Editing A Track, and Mix and master for any beat, “Audi On The Beat” has evolved into it’s only distinctive brand of Hip Hop/R&B/Trap. While collaborating with various artists, as well as self-producing her own beats. she’s been fortunate enough to garner listens and support from all over the world. From song conception, to production, she enjoy’s the process of blending sound and message with other artists to create a complete song.


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