Atari Jones

Atari jones is a artist from Cleveland Ohio, who mixes aesthetics with music, & art, bringing all genres for music together outside of gospel and country making a new wave of sounds. Working with management out of New York and a distribution deal out of Chicago .

Atari is emerging as one of the new wave independent artists taking the music business to the next level. As music is his foundation he seems so expand music into all areas of the entertainment industry with creative and universal appeal of pop culture. 

Upcoming Projects

Atari Jones is currently On Tour until Mid September, First Tour Stops were through British Columbia In Canada, Next will hit the west coast, and cities there which can be found on his Spotify or instagram .

Atari Jones also says,” Just released and ep and am working on two other eps as we speak, one being a genre bend with pop & the other with Grammy nominated producer CallTheShoota which will be a two track EP .Iíll be doing some side projects as well, dealing with models, such as cam girls, fetish models, etc through my women are art series to showcase sexual expressive women as art and sensual “

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