B.E.A.R. From Rising DJ and R&B/Hip-Hop Artist


B.E.A.R. became a veritable musical mad scientist, the study of music becoming a healthy obsession. It was his DJ-ing, though, that really began to take off. It led him to the opportunity of DJ-ing at the Essence Festival and making 3 appearances at Austin’s famed South By Southwest music festival. Highly Unique Radio picked him up for DJ duties and he branched out as an R&B/Hip-Hop artist, performing all across Atlanta.

But on March 1, 2023, Ingrooves Music Group released the single “Tag Along.” You’re listening to it now, right? If not, get to it: Tag Along” is a departure from everything B.E.A.R. has created professionally up to this point. Yes, it’s got an R&B feel to it. But what was missing for B.E.A.R. was incorporating the very genre that inspired him from early on: Country Music. You hear it in “Tag Along.” Yeah, that’s a muted banjo arpeggio in the loop!

Now B.E.A.R. is on a mission to drive this new (yet also old) country music project beyond the success he achieved as a DJ and R&B artist. He’s bound and determined. It’s in his name: B.E.A.R. itself stands for Be Everything Anyone Rejected. Maybe it’s the rejection of Country music by some. Maybe it’s in his own experiences facing skepticism from those in one genre of his career toward the music of another. What it ultimately means to B.E.A.R. is that he’s pushing forward. The follow-up to “Tag Along” is coming soon.

Follow B.E.A.R. on this journey. His songwriting and voice will surprise you. The depth, quality, and passion he has for his craft exudes from “Tag Along” and will continue through each new release. Updates, news, and links to B.E.A.R.’ social media can all be found at thebearmusic.com.

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