Rina B from DMV is in the “Barbie Wrld”

Rina B

As a young girl, she always loved music. She started singing at a very young age and as soon as she started elementary, She joined school choirs & started playing instruments all the way up till high school. Through ages 13-15, she was posting YouTube covers & had the thought process of being discovered through YouTube or making it onto the x- factor. Eventually this dream slipped out of her hands & she fell deep into her work mode. Rina B started working many different jobs in retail & finance, through these jobs, she learned a lot of entrepreneurial skills & eventually found her way back to music at the age of 21. Now she’s 23 years old & have released over 20 songs consistency of singles, major features & collaborations.

When she first started releasing music, It was a challenge to find performance opportunities. So she took it upon herself to throw a major show case in her city for up & coming artists. She always loved bringing people together & hosting events, this was a major investment (both time & monetary) but she do believe that this event is what brought many many opportunities for her & created a buzz in her name in the DMV area as a music artist. Through her fashion, beauty & entertainment brand. She been able to bring many people together & provide them with opportunities as well.

This latest release is a remix to Barbie girl, the best is a dembow/ reggaeton so Rina and Kill her KAM have definitely created something different that many may not have heard before. Checkout this Youtube Video.

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